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    Rating: 5

    Psychologist, Susanna Daniels works with disturbed teens in a Christian facility in Angel Falls, Texas. A difficult situation with one of the teens
    has left Susanna overcome with feelings of inadequacy and a lack self confidence. As she sits on a bench in Falls Park she is overcome with tears as
    she prays about her feelings of failure. Gabe Peretti, cop from Detroit, Michigan is walking his German Shepard in the park. Injured, discouraged, and
    having had his fill of the violence of big city crimes Gabe is looking for a fresh start. As his dog suddenly tugs on his leash he is alerted to the
    sobs of this beautiful young woman. Gabe feels a nudge from God, and allows his dog to take the lead as he approaches the park bench. The dog bounds
    up and places his paws on Susanna's knees, startling her from her tearful prayers. Her eyes then connect with the eyes of a handsome man. Concerned
    about Susanna, Gabe asks if she cares to talk about her problems, and the two sit together and share their stories. They each go their separate ways
    without as much as exchanging names. A chance meeting brings them back together, and Gabe volunteers at the youth facility in an attempt to help
    Susanna. A deep attraction forms between them as they work together with troubled teens.rnrnMarianne Evans paints a beautiful and detailed picture of
    the settings throughout the book. Her characters are very well defined and lovable. She uses beautiful terms to portray the events in the story,
    bringing people and events to life. This book is filled with action and romance, and was a pleasure to read. I look forward to reading more of
    Marianne's books.

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