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    Rating: 5

    Heartwarming & Sensitive
    Jake Samuels, pastor of a church in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains is raising his younger brother Corey, after
    their parents were killed in a freak automobile accident. Carin O'Malley has taken on a 7th-grade English teaching position in the local middle
    school, with the hope of overcoming her own insurmountable losses. Young Corey is a student in Carin's class, and has assumed the role of class
    troublemaker and underachieving student. Carin visited the church where she had hoped to speak with the pastor regarding his younger brother, and
    mistakenly believed him to be the groundskeeper. It couldn't have been worse timing for Jake, but he arranged a meeting with Carin for after church on
    the following Sunday with the goal of discussing ways to improve his younger brother's predicament. Jake has a strong faith in God while Carin has
    lost her faith as a result of her painful circumstances. Jake, Corey and Carin agree to work together to improve Corey's attitude and lack of effort
    in school, resulting in a budding attraction between Jack and Carin.

    Mary Manners is an artist with language, creating detailed portrayals
    both in character definition and settings. Her usage of descriptive details is both eloquent and authentic. In Wisdom Tree Ms. Manners portrays
    realistic characters who are likable and believable, and her addition of biblical references is appropriate to the circumstances, adding a beauty to
    this multilayered story of tragedy, loss, heartache and healing. I was disappointed to have the story end. I'd love to see a sequel to Wisdom Tree.
    Ms. Manners has also added a daily devotional in the back of the book, which is helpful for those whose faith may not be as well developed, as well as
    seasoned Christians. I highly recommend this Christian fiction romance.

    This book was provided by Mary Manners for the sole purpose of my
    honest review. All opinions stated are my own.

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