• jenstephens526 (Monday, 14 May 2012)
    Rating: 5

    Powerful. Emotional. Moving. Touching. Awakening. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when I reflect on Devotion. Throughout this very
    true-to-life story, master story-teller, Marianne Evans, creates a believable and relatable situation between a husband and wife who have naturally
    become comfortable in their marriage . . . and the consequences of allowing the temptation of new passion to burn brighter than the flames of true
    love. rnrnWhat struck me while reading this book is that while everyone enters a marriage with the best of intentions, no one is immune or above the
    throws of temptation. In fact, it’s usually in the area where we Christians are the strongest that Satan will try to sneak in and destroy us. Satan
    loves division, loves to tear the family apart, and too often he is successful. rnrnHowever, this book also beautifully illustrates what restoration
    can occur when the mistakes and failures in our lives are completely turned over to Jesus. Through Him, true forgiveness happens and where families
    were once broken true healing occurs. Marianne Evans illustrates this truth so eloquently. rnrnI recommend this book to anyone who is hungering for an
    amazing story of redemption from human weaknesses and the restoration of relationships that mean the most. I highly recommend this story to married
    couples to read together as a reminder of what is most important in life and how one moment of weakness can put it in jeopardy. But Devotion is a MUST
    READ for every couple struggling with the pain and betrayal of infidelity. Through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, THERE IS HOPE. Thank you, Ms.
    Evans, for sharing this hope with everyone who reads Devotion and for reminding your readers of the truth that true love really can conquer all.
    rnrn~Jen Stephens, author of The Heart’s Journey Home (February 2010) and The Heart’s Lullaby (coming in October 2012)

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