Devotion (Thursday, 08 November 2012)
Rating: 5

I absolutely love reading stories that reach the core of my heart and soul...and I love sharing when one has truly made an indelible impression!
DEVOTION has so beautifully left its mark!rnrnWith such artistic skill, Marianne's writing style promises to engage your every sense, transporting you
with descriptive words that magically flow from page to page as she paints a realistic story. DEVOTION will take you on an
emotionally-and-spiritually-gripping roller coaster ride as you journey with Kellen and Juliet through the twists and turns of a marriage
rnexperiencing complacency, leading to temptation and resulting in infidelity. Their story honestly portrays what can happen when the marriage
relationship is taken for granted and allowed to become stagnant. In a culture where divorce alarmingly permeates even the strongest Christian
marriages, DEVOTION offers a refreshing perspective on keeping the marriage bond intact in spite of threatening offenses. Wise counsel and guidance is
given on how to preserve the sanctity of a marriage covenant, navigate through heart-wrenching and soul-searching circumstances, and breathe fresh
life into a broken relationship. rnrnFilled with themes of hope, redemption, second chances, and new beginnings, DEVOTION delivers a captivating story
about the power of God's love, healing and forgiveness...and all the potential blessings awaiting those who have committed their lives in devotion to
God and to each other. It's a MUST-READ for every married or engaged couple, or singles waiting for their lifetime love, and is ESSENTIAL for every
marriage that has experienced the pain of infidelity. I found this book endearing, completely engaging from its opening lines, and deeply emotionally
and spiritually compelling throughout. I'd give it more than 5 stars if I could...yes, it's THAT good! Tremendous blessings await you throughout the
pages of DEVOTION, so please check it'll see what I mean!rnrnBravo Marianne...take a bow!

PBG Marketing Dept, 07/30/2013
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