Devotion: Softcover

Devotion: Softcover (Monday, 21 January 2013)
Rating: 5

Music agent Kellen Lassiter is dedicated to his career, and has achieved success and the advantages that accompany it. His wife Juliet is involved in
Christian volunteer work through their church. They represent a perfect couple, full of love and devotion, and committed to Christ-centered lives.
Kellen becomes intensely involved in the music agency, but less involved in church activities. Juliet fills her days with a concentrated drive to
accomplish her goals of reaching out to the needy through her church efforts. In an unsuspecting moment Kellen succombs to temptation by a beautiful
and flirtatious client. Juliet's entire world is rocked by the discovery that Kellen has disgraced their relationship through an incident that drives
a painful wedge in their otherwise flawless marriage. Juliet's knowledge of the incident is so painful that she can see no way to overcome and forgive
Kellen's deceit. The road to forgiveness and healing becomes encumbered by countless incidents that invade Juliet's broken heart. This story of a
beautiful marriage that meets with a painful stumbling block could be an event that any married couple could encounter. It's a lesson in heeding God's
warnings and keeping the sanctity of marriage holy.

Devotion is written with Christian passion and poignancy. Ms. Evans pulls out all the
stops when it comes to revealing the pain and heartache that are the result of bad judgment in her characters. The road to forgiveness, acceptance and
unrestrained love is written in painfully descriptive moments in time between Kellen and Juliet. Marianne Evans is a very gifted author whose writing
flows like streams of water, over the boulders of life, and along fragrant pastures filled with life and growth. I highly recommend this work of art
to all who enjoy Christian fiction, and for those who seek improved relationships in their marriage. This is a rare revelation into the workings of
acceptance, forgiveness and total devotion.

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