• donnabasinow@yahoo.com (Wednesday, 01 February 2012)
    Rating: 5

    Oh, how sweet to watch the love of a father, wanting only what's best for his child- and it comes naturally to Mattie to be a bit of a mother figure
    to her, too. After all, she's had plenty of experience with it. rnrnBut her feelings aren't just for the child. When Tyler saves the bakery, he
    secures a place in her heart, a place she hadn't even realized was empty until he filled it.rnrnOnce again, Ms. Manners has done a wonderful job of
    drawing us in to the lives of this warm family. How wonderful to see them all finally settled, and how sad to see the end of this series. Thank you
    for sharing them with us! It's been very sweet!

    PBG Marketing Dept


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