Time's Arrow

Time\'s Arrow

dlathambooks@gmail.com (Tuesday, 13 December 2011)
Rating: 5

Jonni Peterson steps off a modern European curb and right into the mid-1800s. Under those circumstances, what's a girl to do but fall in love with the
haughty, handsome, hunky lord of the manor?rnrnHaving read several of Clare Revell's novella's, I can say without hesitation that Time's Arrow is my
absolute favorite so far. The storyline beautifully melds the past and present, and creates circumstances that, while certainly not within the normal
scope of reality, feels not only possible, but plausible. Kudos to the author for excellent characterization of the hero and heroine, and
well-developed secondary characters, as well. I stand in awe of Revell's ability to pack an entire novel's worth of action and emotion into so few
pages.rnrnA complete reading experience in a nutshell. Bravo, Clare Revell!

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