• Donna B Snow (Wednesday, 14 December 2011)
    Rating: 5

    Although you know from the start that Derrick is innocent, Amber doesn’t– and she’s the one he has to convince. It’s obvious from the insider
    perspective we have that Derrick is being set up, but by who, and why is a mystery to us all, and the author keeps that pretty well hidden.rnrnDerrick
    and Amber are priceless as they dance around each other, neither willing to make the first move. His shyness is so endearing! You just want to step
    in and nudge him along. And her misinterpretation of him is classic. Amber’s single minded focus on her future is praiseworthy, but pretty
    confining. Seems like she doesn’t know herself as well as she thinks! What a great cast of characters Ms. Greene has created.rnrnThe pacing of the
    story is wonderful as she cranks the tension higher and higher. Kept me turning the pages!

    PBG Marketing Dept


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