Cassie's Wedding Dress

Cassie\'s Wedding Dress (Tuesday, 13 December 2011)
Rating: 5

Cassie Hinton's life is about to change…again. rnrnShe's making a wedding dress as a window display in her brother's shop to honor the Royal Wedding
celebration. She designed the dress years ago, planning to wear it to her own wedding…someday. But a riding accident stole her leg and any hope of
being a bride. The dress may as well be used for something.rnrnBut when her childhood friend and secret love, Pastor Jack Chambers, re-enters her
world, Cassie begins to wonder if a normal life might be possible after all. But there's Jack's position in the church to consider. Can he retain his
ministry and court a parishioner?rnrnAnd even if that's possible, they must first survive a trial of completely different kind…rnrnCassie's Wedding
Dress is a sweet love story with an edge of suspense and a heart-rending thread of backstory, expertly woven into the storyline. Revell uses her
obvious storytelling talent with flair and aplomb in this wonderful novella that packs a lot of emotion, humor, and poignancy into a minimum of space.
The perfect story to curl up with on a lazy afternoon. Kudos to the author for writing like a pro!

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