• (Saturday, 21 January 2012)
    Rating: 5

    From Southern Fiber Reads:rnrnDaniel has come home. As Daniel arrives at his brother's wedding reception, he surprises and delights his parents. Oh,
    he surprises his brother Tim, too, but I wouldn't exactly say Tim is thrilled that his brother has returned. He is, of course, the brother of the
    "Prodigal Son". In the days to come, Daniel and his family struggle as they try to mend the broken hearts and broken relationships that
    resulted from Daniel's years of absence without a word. The appearance of Lane, a mysterious woman from Daniel's past, cannot help matters, either.
    Will Daniel find the forgiveness and love he seeks from the family he left? And is he the only Prodigal in this contemporary retelling of the
    Biblical parable?rnrnIn this true to life short story written by Robin Bayne, readers will find characters much like people they may know themselves.
    Maybe the reader will identify with Daniel, his parents, or his brother. However you relate to the characters and events in this story, it's hard to
    miss the redeeming love of God the Father that is evident throughout the story, and the sobering fact that only God is able to mend what we humans
    cannot.rnrnBayne has put a fresh face on an old Sunday School story. Parables are not just stories meant to blandly teach a truth about Jesus - they
    really are lessons that can be applied daily in every one of our lives. I recommend this story, and I know if you read it, you will be re-awakened to
    the truth of God's love and forgiveness, just like I have been.

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