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    Deeply Moving Christian Romance
    BURIED TREASURES by Mary Manners, Christian Romance

    A year after the brutal murder of her young
    husband, Caroline and 6-year-old daughter Callie leave Chicago in search of a fresh start and a safe haven in small-town Mountainview, Tennessee.
    Caroline had inherited the old homestead from her Aunt Nora, where pleasant and happy memories filled her senses. Neighbor and builder, Matt Carlson
    has suffered insurmountable losses, as well as the added responsibility of helping his troubled nephew adjust to a loving and structured environment.
    Throughout this story of heartache and new beginnings, unexpected tragedies and romance are interwoven, not only involving two main characters, but
    branching into additional directions creating a multiplicity of events that enhance this poignant story of healing, trust and forgiveness. Caroline
    struggles with her fear of attending church while her daughter craves the experience from memories of happy times. Supportive neighbors and friends
    offer encouragement and assistance in the healing process in the lives of the characters in this story.

    Mary Manners writes Christian
    romance fiction far beyond a conventional pleasant reading experience. She creates depth of character, and paints artistic scenes in a picturesque
    manner. Her Christian influence is gently woven throughout the story in a suble manner which is refreshing and inspiring. Events throughout
    "Buried Treasures" move the reader through a multitude of emotional experiences, making this a profound reading experience.
    /_Disclaimer: I was given a paperback copy of this book for the express purpose of an honest and unbiased review. All opinions expressed are mine, and
    not influenced by others.

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