• rbooth43@yahoo.com (Thursday, 17 May 2012)
    Rating: 5

    BURIED TREASURES by Mary Manners is one of the books that I judged for the 2012 Faith, Hope, and Love Chapter of the Inspirational Romance Writers of
    America. After reading all the books, Mary Manner's book was Number One for me with a rating of ten points.rnWhat an inspiring story Mary weaves in
    BURIED TREASURES. After her husband's murder, Caroline moves with her six year old daughter, Callie, to Mountainview, Tennessee to live in her aunt's
    house, hoping to protect both of their hearts from being in peril and pain again.rnCaroline collides with her neighbor, Matt, who is a widower and is
    taking care and raising his teen-aged nephew, Paul due to the abandonment by Matt's alcoholic sister.rnWhat a sweet romance and amazing storyline that
    the reader won't want to miss reading, from the first page to the last. I was captivated with so much emotion on each page, hence the ten point
    rating.rnAfter reading TENDER MERCIES and now BURIED TREASURES, I am a fan of Mary Manner's exceptional writing, great story weaving, and faithful
    heartfelt message, well worth reading.

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