Sanctuary (Tuesday, 26 March 2013)
Rating: 5

Mallie Cameron arrives at Hearts Crossing Ranch as her brother's plus-one for a wedding, aiming for a weekend flirtation with a cute cowboy. That's
all she will allow herself since she has GBM, Glioblastoma Multiform. Even if the dreaded disease is in remission, without a cure, she won't risk
falling in love when she faces a death sentence.

Although Hooper (Hoop) Martin beat testicular cancer, he still worries about his daughter,
Ella. Since his wife deserted them shortly after Ella's birth, what would happen to Ella if the cancer decided to return with a vengeance? When Mallie
shows up at Hearts Crossing, he falls hard for the city slicker in pink-toed boots, but while Hoop leans on his faith, Mallie finds it "hard to
accept a God who allowed perfectly decent, innocent people" to suffer.

I felt that the author tackled a tough topic with sensitivity,
and characterized Mallie and Hoop with realistic emotions and reactions. They must work through plenty of separate issues, including their faith, to
find their happily-ever-after.

With Hanson's vivid descriptions, prepare to be transported to a remote ranch set against the backdrop of
the Rocky Mountains. At 155 pages, Sanctuary is the perfect size to read in a few hours. You'll be simultaneously entertained and encouraged, and
alternate between laughing and tugging at the tissues. My only wish is that Sanctuary packed a few more pages, so I could savor the romance longer!
But I'd pick it up and read it again, sure as shootin'!

Disclaimer: I won this book at the Petticoat and Pistols blog, as a free gift from
the author for a comment left on the blog. I received no monetary compensation for this review, and the opinions expressed are mine.

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