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Love in Season


Anytime is the perfect time for love. In this anthology, author Pamela S Thibodeaux brings together eight of her most beloved romance stories—one for each season plus four holidays that revolve around love and family. Includes two brand new stories!   Excerpt From Lilies...


Anytime is the perfect time for love.

In this anthology, author Pamela S Thibodeaux brings together eight of her most beloved romance stories—one for each season plus four holidays that revolve around love and family.

Includes two brand new stories!



From Lilies for Sandi


She clutched the phone to keep her hand from trembling. “Yes.”

“Hey, look, I’m not going to be home as early as I thought. This project is taking longer and the team wants to get together for practice this afternoon then hit the gym.”

“What about dinner, Brett?”

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll grab something while I’m out. Don’t want heavy meals anyway, you know. Not good for performance.”

“But tonight’s our night. I’m supposed to drop Candie at Mom’s this afternoon and…” Her words trailed off as he cursed.

“Look, I said I’m sorry, OK! Can’t you understand how important this is to me? Football is my dream, my life. I can’t make the NFL so this new league is my only hope.”

Football. Sandi wiped a tear from her cheek and fought back sobs. “Well be careful. I’ll see you when you get home.” She hung up the phone before he could respond, and then burst into tears. So he considered football his life? “Should have known that wouldn’t change,” she muttered and tossed the phone aside.

She and Brett met in college. She was a cheerleader, Brett a football star. Theirs was love at first sight. A wild explosion of light and color from the first moment their eyes met. Boy what a word, Sandi thought. Explosive described their relationship right down to the T. Brett was high strung, volatile, rough. As the only child of middle aged parents, getting what he wanted, when he wanted had never been an issue. And he’d wanted Sandi.

She had wanted him, too. Still did. But their dreams were different. He wanted to play, and not just football. He always had an excuse not to be home or out with her… work, building a home for someone else instead of designing one for them, a beer or two with the guys, working out at the gym or shooting hoops with his friends. When the notice in the paper appeared about a new indoor football team being formed, he was ecstatic and she’d seen less and less of him.

If that were even possible considering the few hours of attention he granted his family.

Somewhere deep inside, Sandi believed Brett really loved her. He just didn’t know how to show it. He wasn’t ready for the responsibility of marriage or the commitment required in maintaining the kind of love she dreamed of.

Discussion Questions

Question 1: In Winter Madness Sienna comments that there is a lot people don't know about her, feelings she kept hidden. How do YOU feel about hiding your deepest and truest feelings from others?

Answer 1:

Question 2: In Choices, Kip has fallen away from his roots and acutely feels the spiritual separation - have you ever felt so far from God you doubted He could find you? If so, what did you do to get back on track with Him/His plan for your life?

Answer 2:

Question 3: In Cathy's Angel, Cathy prays for a "flesh and bone angel" to help her, have you ever prayed for an angel? Have you recognized your angel(s) help? Have you acknowledged and thanked them?

Answer 3:

Question 4: In Lilies for Sandi, Sandi embarks on a program of self/spiritual healing and growth - have you ever consciously embarked on such a program? What were your results?

Answer 4:

Question 5: In Lilies for Sandi, Sandi's cousin, Karla introduces her to journaling, meditation and mirror work - have you heard of these modalities for spiritual healing/health and growth? Have you tried them? What were your results?

Answer 5:

Question 6: In The Big Catch, Karla realizes she can enjoy a fishing trip with Jeff even if she doesn't really enjoy the sport - have you ever put aside your thoughts and judgments about something long enough to give it a try only to find you really love it? Expound on this.

Answer 6:

Question 7: In A Hero for Jessica - Jessica made what turned out to be a huge mistake as a teen, one she feels she cannot overcome - have you ever made a mistake you felt that way about? How did God show Himself to you in the situation?

Answer 7:

Question 8: In Review of Love, Kylie has some pretty strong feelings about Jason's work - have you ever judged a person or situation only to find you're wrong? How did you work out the acceptance and/or forgiveness in the situation?

Answer 8:

Question 9: Carson Alexander (In His Sight) has the gift of premonition or what some called prophesy / psychic abilities and Lorelei is confused about this gift because of Bible references against sorcery and witchcraft - have you been afraid of something you don't understand only to find the fear is unfounded?

Answer 9

Question 10: Speaking of Carson's gifts, have you (or someone you know and love) ever experienced these types of gifts? Do you believe everyone has these abilities or only a select view? Expound on these thoughts.

Answer 10:


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by Sally Shupe

Rachel needs answers about what happened to her brother. She takes a job as a nanny for Luke’s daughter, where her brother was last seen, but nothing works out as it should. Luke doesn’t believe her reason for being there. Is her stay at the lovely plantation a ploy to marry into the wealthy family? Why is she really here? Rachel is determined to stay and do what she was hired to do, whether or not Luke believes her. And in the meantime, she’ll continue to search for answers. Is Luke part of the drug smuggling ring? Is this the ring that took her brother’s life? I loved this story by Elva Cobb Martin. Luke’s daughter is a joy to get to know. But can Rachel find the answers she’s looking for and not lose her heart to Luke? Summer of Deception is an action filled inspirational romance. I loved Luke as the hero. I couldn’t stop reading. His issues with God and why he stopped praying felt very real. His walk back to God pulled me into the story. I pulled for Rachel and Luke all