A history of dissent.

In 1875 a secret government project set off a string of tremendous earthquakes that fractured the United States from east to west, triggering massive unknown faults and volcanic chasms that nearly decimated the country.

In the wake of the devastation, a new government, The Peaceful Union rose from the ashes.
The thirteen remaining governors consolidated their power and seized the reins of a nation on the brink of oblivion. Their rule is ruthless and complete.

The Order of the Sword and Scroll is a centuries old European society whose tendrils of influence reach from the center of noble houses to the seats of power deep inside world governments. Noble families vie to offer their sons and daughters to become Men of Books or Knights of the Order. But there is a need for a new kind of knight. One with the ability to straddle the old ways and the new...one able to operate in this new and dangerous land — a spy.

Meet the Cast

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Defiance is the rebellious uprising of workers and criminals cast from under the safety of the electric Tesla Domes that canopy the nation's city-states. Forced into back-breaking and dangerous labor, their message of wrath and anger reverberates among the many left to fend for themselves in the wreckage of their country.
Their battle cry is to defy and destroy the tyranny of the governors. Headed by the volatile Lizzie Frances, their tactics grow increasingly violent.
Outer City sky settlement is ruled by the ruthless Sheriff Sebastian Riley. He and his Lawmen keep the peace among the pirates, merchants, and pioneers that flocked to the floating ballast ports after the quakes.
Reminiscent of the wild west boom towns, Outer City's various airship harbors house tinkerers and gunfighters, families and foreign traders alike.
Despite the danger of the sky settlement, it is his association with Blackburn's Daughter that puts his life and those of the entire cloud territory in jeopardy.

The Reaper Nation, populated with those unable to find shelter inside the Tesla Domed city-states or up in Outer City, these nomadic people wander the wasteland dunes in massive walking cities. Renowned for their metal forging and weaponry, the warrior people are ruled by the fearsome and beautiful, Ajala.

Unknowingly harboring the outlaw, Blackburn's Daughter, the Reaper Nation becomes entangled in a bitter war.
Council of Khent, an assembly of European countries banded together to contend with the aftermath of the Great Calamity. In occasional collusion with The Order, they blame the former American nation for the dire weather and ruined ocean. They grow tired of the antics of the fledgling Peaceful Union, but in their bid to extend the council's power, they fail to notice the growing rebellion within their own ranks.