It's Time to Wage War on the Burdens We Bear

There is an epidemic plaguing our culture. Sadly, Christians are not immune to it. In fact, as followers of Christ, we may be more susceptible to the outbreak than we realize. And if we're not careful, it can incapacitate us before we even understand what's happening. But, there's One answer to every anxiety for every person. Anxiety Attack explores how we get ourselves into patterns of sinful anxiety and how God, in His grace, leads us back out.

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What's it all about?

Chapter 1

Getting on the same page.

Chapter 2

The power of perspective.

Chapter 3

Gentleness towards all.

Chapter 4

Anxious about nothing. Pray about everything, part one.

Chapter 5

Anxious about nothing. Pray about everything, part two.

Chapter 6

The Power of a promise.

Chapter 7

Psalm 42:1-11

Chapter 8

Refusing to give up on God

Chapter 9

Deserate times call for desperate prayers

Chapter 10

Everyone's a preacher.

Chapter 11

My Grief, His glory.

Chapter 12

Be honest. Keep preaching. Wait for the Lord

Chapter 13

Humility changes everything.

Chapter 14

Humility towards one another.

Chapter 15

Under, not beside

Chapter 16

Cast all your anxieties.

Chapter 17

The final word.

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Wage war on your burdens & win

Anxiety can strike in any area of our lives, from our money to our marriage, from our job to our health to our kids. It can attack our friendships and our very faith itself.

It's a joy-stealer, a peace-robber, and a hope-hijacker. It weakens our courage, waters down our contentment, and fans the flames of our greatest fears. It's a security-snatcher and a faith-killer. It's eating us alive.

And it's time for us to fight back.

Anxiety Attack presents God's antidote to the epidemic. So, open your Bible, seek the Lord in prayer, and press on. It's time to wage war on the burdens we bear.

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Some Favourite Insights From Anxiety Attack

From the author. From the editors.

Release your burdens

from chapter 14

"you can serve others joyfully and give yourself freely because you have released your burdens completely"

Feed what you want to grow

from chapter 4

"As long as we keep fertilizing our worry, it will eventually grow bigger...Anxiety reveals what's important to us"

Change your perspective

from chapter 6

"you will have peace in your life not because your problem has changed but because your posture has changed"

Do not be afraid

from chapter 11

"sometimes God leads us into a storm because he wants to teach us something that we can learn only in that storm"

A Prayer in desperate times

from chapter 9

"...remember the good things that God has done...times when I've been in the valley, but God has brought me out the other side."

Thoughts and words matter

from chapter 10

"What you preach to yourself makes all the difference. Preach one message. Preach it loud. And preach it often. "

About Kevin Weeks

Husband . Father . Pastor . Author . Speaker

Kevin Weeks

Why Kevin is passionate about Anxiety Attack

Anxiety is not only plaguing many people in our culture, but it is also consuming many Christians in our churches. It is an indiscriminative epidemic that attacks lay people and leaders alike, me included. Anxiety Attack was born out of my own experience and how God has used a dark season of anxiety to draw me closer to Him. As a pastor of more than twenty years, I found myself searching Scripture for answers to questions like: How did I land here? Will it ever get better? And how will God lead me out? Through my own struggles and discoveries, I long to lead followers of Christ to freedom I found in the promises of God and in the hope of the gospel.


Kevin Weeks serves as the founding and Senior Pastor of Mission City Bible Church in Brantford, Ontario. His passion is to shepherd God's people with God's word toward God's mission so that God's name would be known among all the nations. After 15 years in ministry, God called Kevin and his family, along with many other families, to plant a church in Brantford in 2014. Since then, they have seen God's grace and power in countless ways. "Break Forth Radio," (a ministry of Mission City Bible Church that airs one-minute clips from Kevin's sermons) broadcasts daily on Christian radio across the Brant region. Kevin earned his Bachelor's degree from Heritage College, his Master's degree from Briercrest Seminary, and is currently working on a Doctor of Ministry degree in Missions and Evangelism from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Kevin and his wife, Stacey, have three children and live in Brantford.

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